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Epoxy Floor Features

An epoxy coating provides one of the toughest, most durable show room quality finishes that money can buy. Your new epoxy floor can withstand heavy-duty wear and tear including heat, extreme cold, road salt, gas and oil spills, chemicals, abrasion, impact, and vehicle traffic. Not only does it protect your garage floor or workspace, it can instantly transform plain cement into a professional looking floor. Epoxy flooring increases the brightness of the floor to make any space look larger and brighter.

Lifetime Product Guarantee

Our vetted and top-rated New Jersey Epoxy Flooring partners utilize industry standard top quality products that come with a lifetime guarantee against defects.

Easy to Clean Surface

An epoxy floor is moisture resistant and makes clean-up after spills as well as winter snow and salt buildup. It also chemical and stain resistant which is perfect for preventing stains from oil, gasoline and other workspace spills.

Maximum Duribility

Epoxy flooring solutions are also extremely durable and resistant to cracks and chips. It can also be used to help fill in imperfections in your concrete surface.

How your new epoxy floor will be installed


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Surface Prep

Your floor will be acid washed and filled to allow for a strong bond with your new floor coating.
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Floor Coating

A crew of epoxy flooring installation professionals will apply your new commercial grade coating.
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Epoxy Curing

Your floor is almost ready! We need to allow one to two full days for your floor to cure to protect the finish.
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Where can Epoxy Flooring be Used?

Retail Stores
Restaurants and Kitchens

Other commercial epoxy floor coating applications:

- Grocery stores
- Retail stores
- Auto shops and Vehicle showrooms
- Food service and Commercial kitchens
- Factories and Warehouses
- Physician offices, veterinarian offices, and hospitals
- Public safety buildings and correctional institutions
- Office buildings


This is typically finished within one to two days for installation and curing to take place. Times may vary based on the environment of the install.

Yes, your floor may get slippery when water or a spill such as oil is present. There are non-slip top coats available that are recommended for use in areas where spills may be common.

Yes, an professionally installed epoxy flooring solution is perfect for residential as well as commercial applications.

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